Drupal 8 support for Ember Data

"Just works" Ember Data support for the Drupal 8 CMS (via the JSON API module).

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The aim of this addon is to track state of play of the Drupal 8 CMS JSON API module and provide ready to go adapter and serializers.


ember install ember-data-drupal


This addon provides an adapter and serializer that can be used application wide or on a per model basis in the usual way:

// app/adapter/application.js
import DrupalJSONAPIAdapter from 'ember-data-drupal/adapter';
export default DrupalJSONAPIAdapter.extend();

// app/serializer/application.js
import DrupalJSONAPISerializer from 'ember-data-drupal/serializer';
export default DrupalJSONAPISerializer.extend();


Mapping of Ember data models to Drupal entities is currently done in application config:


// config/environment.js
module.exports = function(environment) {
  var ENV = {
    drupalEntityModels: {
      // Map 'article' ember data model to Drupal entity type 'node'.
      "article": { },
      // Map 'public-event' ember data model to Drupal entity type 'node',
      // entity bundle type 'event'.
      // Also map event model fields 'location' and 'relatedArticle' to
      // 'field_location' and 'field_related_article' payload keys respectively.
      "public-event": { entity: 'node', bundle: 'event', fields: ['location', 'relatedArticle'] },